Navigate in a different way in your big data catalogues to better meet your customers’ needs

  • What is SenseQuiz?

    A software which algorithm brings order in your database so as to propose an optimized navigation for all your users.

    Our API identifies similarities within data stored on any type of database (SQL, NoSQL, MongoDb, etc.). It relies on an innovative and customizable interface for an optimized navigation.

  • Goals

    • 🚀 Increase your turnover
    • 🙏 Better understand your users
    • 🎯 Increase your conversion ratio
    • 👑 Create customer loyalty
    • 👌 Innovative service
  • How does it work?

    1 - Connection to your database

    We connect to any type of database or dataset in respect with security, confidentiality and compliance.

    • SQL
    • MYSQL
    • CSV
  • 2 - Our algorithm analyzes and sets up your database

    Our product relies on Artificial Intelligence and more specifically on Machine Learning

  • 3 - Our API allows a navigation tailored to best meet your customers’ needs

    At any time, you keep the control on your database and the collected information thanks to a dedicated and secure interface.

For whom ?

Case studies

  • Retail sector

    Our solution contributes to increase your turnover and understanding of your customers thanks to a dedicated tool, adapted to your design.
    ➡ Acquire a sustainable competitive advantage!

  • E-commerce

    Our solution integrates with discretion to your commercial website and enables you to better identify your customers’ expectations.
    ➡ Improve your retention ratio!

  • Banking / Insurance

    Continue the digitalization of your sector and focus on your customers’ needs.
    ➡ Develop a unique user experience!

  • Booking online

    Implement a new user experience, complementary and generating added value for your customers. Improve your retention ratio.
    ➡ Improve your metrics!

  • Human Resources

    Is your staff always involved in your projects? Our solution with its unique clickstream can help you.
    ➡ Improve your staff involvement!

  • Security / Defense

    The big data participates more and more in major and sensitive decisions taken on a daily basis.
    ➡ Improve your navigation within your data!

  • Education / Non-Profit

    Because our vision is global, responsible and sustainable, we provides some of our services for free to missions we strongly believe in.

  • Security first

    Trust starts with security

    We are particularly vigilant to ensure the best security, accessibility and transparence possible of our services. We believe that security should not be an obstacle to the use of our SaaS or API.

    • Private data

      We can ensure the anonymity of your data. Therefore, you keep full control of your information. Moreover, we work in compliance with the CNIL and any other institutions concerned with private data.

    • Compliance

      We know that you have to validate the Compliance of the services that your company uses. We are ready to give you any document, certification, standards you might need to do so.

  • Created for developers

    Developers first !

    We work to give developers the best experience possible.

    Being able to start SenseQuiz experience with a few lines of code is one of our objectives.

    • Javascript
    • CURL
    • Python
    • PHP
    • Ruby
            javascript var sensequiz = require("sensequiz")("QokikJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
            sensequiz.api_key = "QokikJI2HlWgH4olfOvBiQ2"
            ("oO32eZvKYlo2ZvKYloCfJJCwZhN", {
              api_key: "okikHlWgJOvBiI2HlWgH4olfQ2"
            curl \
            -u sk_HlWgH4olBiI2fQBQokikJOv2: \
            -d feature=1 \
            -d ratings=3,2 \
            -d id=348765 \
            -d value=val \
            python import sensequiz
            sensequiz.api_key = "QokikJI2HlWgH4olfOvBiQ2"
            php require_once('vendor/autoload.php');
            $sensequiz =  array(
              "secret_key"      => "JOvBiIlfQ2HlWgH4o2",
              "publishable_key" => "OKtIshFeQd4XMeQd4XeQd4XUh"
            \Sensequiz \Sensequiz::=setApiKey($sensequiz['secret_key']);
            ruby require "sensequiz"
            sensequiz.api_key = "QokikJI2HlWgH4olfOvBiQ2"
  • Scalable or not scalable ?

    We are scalable

    We build our API to manage millions of requests. The more you use our tools, the best will be the results.

    Machine learning is our keystone. We deliver a software which has a high scalability in order to deal with your most demanding requests.

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